OSBuddy 3.0.23

An unofficial Oldschool Runescape client that contains advanced features to make gameplay easier

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If you're looking for a tool kit that can give you more control for modding and editing your experience in Old School RuneScape, there's no better option available today than OSBuddy. In computer gaming circles, Old School RuneScape occupies a strange habitat that's mostly unheard of. The original RuneScape was one of the pioneers of the massively multiplayer online roleplaying game genre, but it was starting to show its age by the mid 2010s. Genre titans like World of Warcraft had come to dominate the market, and the new RuneScape had trouble keeping pace. As a result, developer Jagex decided to release an original version of the RuneScape interface. Despite its anachronistic features and a smaller development team, Old School RuneScape has rapidly outpaced its descendant. While Old School RuneScape offers a lot more activities than a lot of more modern MMOs, the user interface hasn't really kept up with the time. A number of quality of life features are flat out missing, and the lack of active development means that they're unlikely to be added anytime soon. OSBuddy provides you with a whole suite of options you can pick and choose to customize your in game experience.

The features available here are stunning. There are dozens of modules available, and they allow you to more easily accomplish practically anything you'd want to do with the Old School RuneScape interface. In fact, there's so much here that it can be overwhelming. Players new to Old School RuneScape will easily get lost just looking at the plug-ins available, while more veteran players will probably have to carefully sort through the options available to determine what's useful to them. Setup can take a while, but once you get settled in, it can be one of the most valuable tools around for players.

The grind is a big part of the Old School RuneScape experience, and that often means doing complex math in your head. Playing efficiently means juggling a number of different variables and figuring out the quickest route to success. After all, you're going to be spending a lot of time doing the same tasks over and over again, so RuneScape players have gotten good at tracking efficiency. OSBuddy gives you the means to do away with traditional spreadsheets. Customizable timers and an integrated notepad allow you to keep better track of your activities, while farming trackers, experience trackers, and price guides give you immediate access to the kind of information that's critical but not always easily accessible. Then there's the social media integration. OSBuddy allows you to keep track of posts on all of your friends' pages, fold Twitch chat right into your client, and even keep an eye on the progress of your friends and rivals. That's just scratching the surface of the dizzying and dense choice of features available.


  • Offers the most comprehensive quality of life utilities available for Old School RuneScape
  • Most features available completely free


  • Depth of the feature set requires users to spend a great deal of time customizing their experience
  • Some features exclusive to Pro members

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